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cool and hard! very nice
cool also didnt know when atoms collide they make water. jk very good also you can kinda make water appear by hugging corners of the wall but not sure if that can get patched
thanks :)
oh wait... i forgot the name bar... oops.
red orange and yellow won
^ true, and this thing is so cool dude, 10/10
you still forgot stapey, foldy, black hole, robot flower, firey jr and the cube guy
well so far
um, can i see a scence of the "ice melter n color mixor"? it sounds pretty cool... (no im not wanting to copy it, just see it)
On my second try I got impossible...
Aint impossible lol
... wat?
is there a way u can make polygons burn?
(ill be happy with it not being able to shrink polygons)
nice! one thing that can make it better is er.... well add textures to everyone except the player?
also the no floor area spot was an accident while making map, oopsies
What does it.... do?
All it is is a black circle in a orange circle inbetween two (steel?) bars..
Algodoo is free. Stop crying.
This is somehow one of my fav scenes. I love it.
One of my fav old scenes.
Pretty sure you stole this. Those blocks look like the blocks from the other scene.
Deep blue won for me.
evil, nice, and a dying soul
is what i wanna see
Pootis, you cant steal ideas...
I found the annoying dog.
i completed it and blue still couldnt be free:( atleast red and yellow escaped
nice, but work on colors a bit more
why is the outer layer sponge?
how is the title any way related to the scene itself
i dont know what you mean? if you need to search for specific things, in the in game browser theres a little list where you can click title and it might be a bit better?
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