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i flew to space and crashed!
please leave comments
not to be rude, but where is the rocket???!!!)|(
i love that game!
where at on the earth, i cant find it!!!
you can still use the full forums on the original phun, they didn't delete them.
That was really..... bad. That wasn't a rocket, that was just a floating painting. take a look at some other rockets that use water propulsion, or solid fuel. not a controller
This absolutely sucks
were you trying to make planets out of particals?
he means motors....
It's control-V not p
when i start it it always goes off course and crashes in to the wall surounding the moon)|( )|( )|( )|( )|( )|(
make them work with gravity
when it is almost to the moon, it crashes into the bog circle around the moon...
Help Me please!
i figured out my problem, i wasn't using phun...
technically everything to do with algodoo is thyme, the friction, mass, density, attraction, ect... the rules meant no scripting outside of changing simple properties
It's spelled collision:o
actually the space shuttle enters orbit upside down
Warning you may get hit by flying debris when parachuting to the ground:lol: :lol: