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i killed 3 links!:devil:
(play 1) DIE! DIE! (stabs alot)
(play 2) (stabs a few times) scraw... (lifts gannon up)
sweet! i didnt win though.:(
ima now use this to help JONA$ but give you 99% cretit.
very fun game and the old mario type if you have respect for labor only for the Turks to give comments, please type the criticism and other points to look

it was turkish. Im apolojising for you.

Maalesef, bazı insanlar dont bu farklı dilleri konuşan biliyorum.
Can i use some of these parts for my game?
Everybody loves rayman! lol:coolgrin:
i gave you 50% instead lol
Hey max! thanks. now i have a version of this mixed with yours.
ima make Worlds of Gears!! 2: Zelda edition
This is awesome, but if you know the script command to make it water then its easy as you said.
but still :tup:
Dude my computer messed up and i cant play roblox anymore:cry:
lol erase the base of the nade!
ok now i can play. send me an FR if you want!
not very fun...:( i dont even know what to do!:s
look at my 3d!
My second part isnt that good...
put at 99999999999999999 lol:coolgrin:
This is the end of mario part.
a factory that creates balls? now THATS wrong! Just sick. :coolgrin: )|(
/scene responce!:D
great job!
make it be like a box to put stuff in.
toughdod, hold the thing TIGHTLY
i got 2 at a time lol