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janekj my account got banned so i want to ask in the rejoin i can still be in it
my brothers account got banned to so u should take off leafy from bfdi camp
y should get leafy out because my brother is leafy and he acount got banned too
yas thx guys
i guess flags are colours now
wait if i rejoin do i ge my two revegen token and my win token
confeesanal:im glad i rejoined
is it cause he voted u
ya byt everyone who did not do the challange is up for voting

coffesional:y do i sleep alot if i did not sleep alot i would have done the challange
im firey tho
and stop being pesamysitc nickel XD
nah im good
the next one is 9a right? or 8b?
lel nickel
i cant do this challange for somereason my account wont let me upload
can i get a differnt challlange or not
thx =D
nice ice cream
coffesional: im glad i re joined i have to use my tokens
but i cant make sences my acconut wont let me make sences
so can i be excues
and last time u said i was excused
r1-r5 prot
r6-r9leafy,pen,rocky,pencil bfdi
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