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Thank you for telling me your impressions.
I'm really happy.

But…I'm sorry, I don't understand English well, so I will explain it using Google translation.

First of all, the rotating stabilizer itself is a simple mechanism.

Actually, I have not understood the mechanism perfectly.
Although the stabilizer itself can be made easily,Since only the current angle can be maintained,If a pedestrian equipped with that device tilts, it can not be returned to its original angle.

So, the most important one is the motor that rotates this stabilizer.

The first thing I thought,according to the tilt of a pedestrian and change the direction of rotation.

However, it did not stabilize forever.

So,I set the reference angle,and substituted difference from current angle for rotation speed.

By doing this,the rotation becomes slower as it approaches the target value,and when you move far from the target value, strong force works.

There are three stabilizers, simply because there was not enough power.

Actually,there are major flaws in this scene.

First,this stabilizer works only at 60 Hz.
and,It will not move if placed deeper than other figure.

I can't understand the reason for this.

Next,since the target value is always constant,he can not climb the slope.

That is all for this stabilization system.

In a few days,I will upload a scene explain how to make stabilization system.
Please refer to it.

Thank you very much!
Last edited at 2017/08/23 14:42:43 by Necoyuri
I have adjusted it,so I think it will move properly. Please try it again.

Thank you for commenting and playing!
thanks!!! I tried hard and wrote this script.