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nice scene but

-destroyed his "drill" himself
-track bit too long

:) THX i'm German
realy great
the double fire comes from your collision mechanism.
it collides twice...

but the rail is to small.
the gun destroys itself sometimes
changed it thx
thype is the programming language of phun
texture missing
destroyed floor imedeately
nice one
could you build a hitpoint display
just a lagging white block:(
)|( :tdown:
nice one but bob's cup has to fall first and than... "BOOM"
nice one! orientation = 0
:D srry didn't test it
now it works
Last edited at 2009/04/12 21:12:40 by andi g.
srry what did you mean?
i'm German
V4 is better
Last edited at 2009/06/05 14:30:13 by andi g.
what does it do?
wtf why do you rate so good?
this is realy BAD! 1/10
nice thing but why no terrain
why didn't you edit your old one?)|(
it breaks to hardly
i'll try but thats not easy
next version is nearly ready
could you build in a function where i can drive down the golf of the tank chassis?
and it should shoot
thx it's really hard to have a big burn because there are so many particles but i'll try
ps: why didn't you rate?
i will try to put it in my new scene tomorow.
please give credit if you use something made by me
like it:)
just added a speed regulation (for the small street)
this is crap
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