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hes got 65 points so sry
you can use this as a template too...
i pick red
i wanted to choose ben, but IT WAZ TAKEN
when ready sign me as yingyang
navy blue
Actually, I never even saw this before you commented "i already said navy" so ya, keep that in mind.
I've signed up, so just go to my whatchamacallit and copy the thingamabob and then...
RED >:)
the best out of the ones not taken are.... forest
Im preety sure the water baloon's name is mikky.
How do I know?
It tried to sign up to my camp.
I'm counting it.
those colors dont exist
get rekt and good luck

can i send a coffesional?
ok whatever here it is

So um... this is it?
TBCOA? Well, I expected there to be a twist, but oh well,
I guess we have to cruise along.
I hope I'm not eliminated right smack down on 1A.
But there's gotta be someone who's gotta go the moment weve arrived.
Orr there won't be any eliminations in 1B? Who knows?
Just like I said 5 seconds ago, I'll just have to cruise along...
o ya and sorry for the super long coffessional i was spinning my fidget spinner its gonna end right now and i still hope im not eliminated
can i take the coffesional back

also did the idea of his
come from my algicosathlon learderboerd?
Ill join i guess
on july 5th im going to chicago
i dont have algodooo on my ipad
when is the next challenge gonna start
and what is it
its already july 7th!
where is 1b?
comon do the challenge
grassy i guess.


confessional: 9th. Not bad. Hey, anyoine wanna form a alliance?
Definition: This pinkish color is a live breed of random pink stuff.
It may stand out at times, sometimes even destroying universes that nobody cares about. And sometimes, they just blend in, enjoying the time racing and competing in olympic styled contests. some people even might ship it with Cyan, the 2nd most popular breed of athletes. People might hate them. They might love them. and sometimes, people just treat them like monsters. even with the power to destroy universes, they are still cute innocent beings. That's why I say : SAVE THE MAGENTAS
Pronounciation: mah-gen-tah
Hue: 300
fun fact: I HaTE MAGENTA
soo... this is gonna be hard
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