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I just threw the Barrel together... But.. With the bullet thing, Im not really calling it MY own, im just saying i didnt copy the idea, im sure nearly everybody uses it though. :)
I like it. BUT, The name should be "Starmaker" XD
Atually Im just taking that part out.
Love your guns, Yuras. 13/10 :tup:
Its okay, but you need to find a better model, one that looks more like an M1. Sometimes you can look at a picture and draw the model with that, if that helps. Otherwise just know your guns:)

Tadafa, I believe you should try to make a single shot bolt action before you fuck around on other peoples creations.:mad:
Dezzeron and Yuras12 are my favorite gun creaters. You guys fucking rock.
First of all, he never claimed the car for his own, and second, he probably made it in a few seconds. Dont speak russian because you think people wont understand you.
Also, if you haven't gathered this from the description yet, the pin cannot be pulled from the grenade until the indicator turns red. =P

I also forgot to mention that it actually breaks up into pieces, run this in slow-motion and you'll see exactly what I mean. (It is visible in regular speed, but it is cooler in slow-motion)

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Last edited at 2010/11/20 03:18:33 by Tantalized