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Thanks :*)
I have only seen your stick fuel boosters and those did inspire me.
Thanks good idea for the bomb!:tup:
Those circles nudge the water spawner so then the water is pushed back, deleted by the killers.
Ta much:cool:
Thanks, I'll build something to stop u getting eaten!
Lol very good:coolgrin:
but a bit too far.:yum:
Lol :lol:
ill try that!
Yeah But destroyable stuff with springs is really hard to do well.:(
Try downloading my previous version of the surf machine, its on the forums.
Use my old version, it doesn't Kill you, any way i have fixed it but just not uploaded it to Phunbox.
The same thing happened to me- its almost no better.:(
Why does every one feel they have to rip me off, come up with ur own ideas.
Thanks V2 coming soon
Yeah same here, i actually posted it on phunbox.
This is really good._o_
What do you mean? :huh:
T:coolgrin: hanks
wish I saw this before i used blue Johnny!
Last edited at 2009/04/17 11:29:07 by Nxdt
Isn't that my house!:o
Thanks, Im making More.
Once iv'e finished ill upload the ragdoll so you can make your own games!:coolgrin:
I didn't down rate cos i'm not a NOOB!:)
Wow i wonder where you got that idea?
Could it my skateboarder!:mad:
Yeah i know but at least give credit, i don't mind ideas being taken if credit to the person who came up with it is given.
Notice i said "idea" not You stole that omgomgomg
I don't care if you take ideas, only give credit.:)
I like the cars and rail grind.:tup:
I only saw conundrumers snake thing today, i didn't even now this has been done before.
Cool, reduce the strength of the springs and forwrd motor.
No the controls i have (to me) are better.:cool:
Cool, will we contine your collab to make a skate park??:tup:
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