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I feel bad for Magnolia
Like: Maddie
Dislike: Brown
Same bro
Do Germany!!!
Oops I mean Icy it's her fault they lost
I vote for
and Emerald
Like: Lapis Lazuli- He actually won a challenge :3
Dislike: Potato- idk why I'm just going to go with the flow
My order:
8th: Blue, Failiure completely
7th: Cyan, kept getting sent back to the tubes
6th: Red, KARMA (knocked Cyan back into tube right before getting safe, as they were bottom 2)
5th: Yellow, Got first one event, last the next
4th: Orange, Fell to Purple's rage
3rd: Purple, Her rage didn't last long
2nd: Magenta, Got 2nd just after Green got 1st
1st: Green, Winner!
Good one!
Yin Yang and Cheesey
Lol oops last time I forgot about Nickel anyways Nickel, bye not-my-buddy
I think he/she went on vaca or something
I think you should insert Maddie's CQoL1 (Page 3)
Yay my favorite letter:D
Also Red lost
Or Green
Thx man
Don't aks why that's my name
Finally Green did well
Whatever happened at the end of Season 1?
Honestly, Rocky
Ich bin Forest
Actually the spinner originally came from BlueKazoo
Shrink them
Scotland gets independence
Germany destroys Danish land
Sweden kills Norway and Iceland and becomes Swedish Empire
Germany defeats Czech Repub. and makes it a puppet (German Ganstai)
French kills Andora
Spainland kills Portugull
Russia has a coup and becomes the Russain Democratic Republic
Nigeria takes over Niger, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria
Italy dies and becomes the second Roman empire
Romania joins that new empire
Sweden and Rome form an alliance
Poland finally can into space
Germany annexes Poland due to him breaking Polandball rules
Ganstai gets independence
Rome annexes all the Baltic states
Episode 1 ends
I like it!
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