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It keeps disintegrating and stuff, fix it please
I hate the new People's car. This made me happy.:)

Back then>Now
Not bad. :)

You don't mind if you help me with my signals?
Mind making some sort of a Bus, preferably a school bus or a transit bus? Let me find the texture similar to the transit I wouldn't mind seeing:
Just the color scheme, not the logos, the route sign is ok. Make it a standard long one :lol:
Don't do textures, just make the shape lol
Well, whoever made it, it sucks.
It sucks. :| 2/10.
Not bad, though yellow's on all the time :lol: 7/10
Had to give it a one since it glitches and everything suddenly fly everywhere.
@Matt: It's called the Shinkansen.
It doesn't work, and because I own a Dodge Ram, I take offence!
Whenever I see the words "Pimp" And "Supra" (Especially the Mk4 A80), I shed a tear for this atrocity. :_(:(
No instructions in english? :s
@sanderwezep: I'm a car nut. :y
@matawin3: That's pretty much it. If I wanted decent, I would have done something like this:

Oh yeah, it's for sale: $60,000 USD in Tacoma, Washington.
9/10 for effort... tbh, a 5/10 for the result.. it bounces too much and the front floats in the air.
Going to be honest with you... it sucks.
Too flimsy, but not bad.
Low rating because I own a Forester, and this is misleading.
You might want to reword that, it's a two stroke. <_<
You don't mind if I modify your scene just a tad bit?:P

But anywhoo, 9/10.
A boxer engine's for Horizontally-opposed engine, lol.
Techncially, it's a Toyota iQ, a horrendous copy of the smart car.
Do you think you can be able to script my signals?
Might want to change the engine a bit, it's not a boxer..
The boxer engine has a wrong piston crankshaft, not like Subaru's. Subaru's crank has a proper piston layout, more torque.
What's the point of this?
By any chance, is the V6 engine seeing 4-stroke duty soon?
You need to change it, the Saab is front wheel drive.
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