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i don't credit cuz i can't remeber well
and how do you do another sence
oh yeah the the teams are deciding the place so every 6 to pass will be a team last 6 will play in elimination event
last one to finish is out
midnight ._.
last 2 to the da bowl is eliminated
oh yeah you can use the sleigh if you want no credits
gimme 4/4 yeahh
guess i get milk then
p.s avalable on saturday,friday and sunday
no other day
computer is probaly the best out of the remain i pick hime
the tamperd tins
i will buy the give token
sorry i've been inactive blame school
i finshed the race
sorry i had school in my way of algdoo it's been hard for the last few months so i'm excused on monday,tuesday and wednesday
please vote
um this is not gonna be easy because i'm still a noob of algdoo trust me
i made a intro all by myself
plus i only acount i have on every single game or whateves is algdoo so i can't coop with pistachio
i'm gonna upload the intro anyways
vote:bubble gum
confessional:got good stuff and bad stuff good good we got first i liked to thanks to pistachio bad stuff another 18 days of school noooooooooooooo and going to a cravan site for maybe a whole week
80 thought i would get lower
it ends on 20th blue kazoo
though i'm trying my best to do challenges
oh yeah time 3:30 pm
oh no
1.block because becuse look at me
2.hit bronze
3.hit ruby
4.hit silver
7.hit lapis
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