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Hey, luv this and this goes to INH: UR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey check my scenes out and subscribe
May i use this in a marble race?
Artiplayz, it is not funny to post comments about algodoo users so im reporting you.INH tell this to Artiplayz.
faytree, could you tell me how to subscribe?
And make emojis?
And subscribe to me please!
Hey i just joined about an hour and a half ago and i dont know how to subscribe to awesome people lke you, Can you help?
rain and gold i joined a half hour ago and i need help to sub and make emojis
I loved this game when i was little
Nice plane but no offense the Boeing 747 aircraft has 3 rows.
And is a little blocky
robotmaker, i bet you haven't made a robot before
I like angry birds
Where are the birds?
Hey i downloaded your airbag and it is cool
I need to get updated on your stuff, Okay i want to know what you have.
Hi i want to subscribe to you but i dont know how
MAMADEH youre a theif and mr lucas man could i borrow the van for my discount cars?
Everyones cars are awesome
Algodoo was my starting site.I still use it today. if i'll have to delete it because of you bullies,I'll have to delete it. goodbye Algodoo forever. Maybe I'll come back someday when i'm about to die. goodbye everyone in deleting my account.

Algodoo is my starting application. I started a few days ago and It is a fun app.

This took me 5 days and 4 nights to make this
INFINITY/10 Dude!!
Great game dude:) rate and comment on my scenes too im also sad:(
I like marble races and im very sad because no one is commenting on my scenes
Sry im not trying to spam but i wanna make emojis:):):):):):)
Purple, lime, light blue, dark and light pink, black, red, yellow, and orange won B)
And thank you for replying:):):):):):):):):):)
Use it but give creds plz:)
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