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Can I debut? I will debut as Lavender. H: 270 S:100 V:100
Can I sign up as Lavender?
Can I sign up as Lavender
Confessional (Lavnder) : Awww..... of all the things the 1st challenge could have been... Well, anyways does anyone want to form an alliance? Notify me by sending in a confesional because I can't see comments.
I vote Star Coin Jr.
Eliminate: Salt
Rejoin: Box
We like the yellow spirals that follow the ball
Wait, so do the original contestants that were competing still in?
Wow! I thought I was the only one who had this problem!
I vote Lavender!
The West Michigan area is called Besteort
Lavender, Lime and Orange.
I sign up as Lavender, If not, Lime. If not, Orange.
Hi. I made a marble race for you during the stream.
I vote Lavender to be in the competition!
I vote for Lavender to be safe
Like Lime
Dislike Tune
Yes, you can!
1st of all, I see you copied my marbles that took a month to find them all. Don't worry, I don't mind. But could you atleast credit me? Second, I want Lavender in.
Try clicking S
I sign up as Olive!
I would like to join!
I will sign up as Hot Magenta.
How about Amaranth for president? I mean to debut?
I will sign up as Tan.
Umm, I looked for your TWOW 1A, But I can't find it. I think Algodoo deleted it.
Purple beat up grape; because the grape was too sweet.
Here is my response for real: They fought and Purple won, because Grape was too sweet.
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