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Unfair. Orange is bigger than ther rest of the marbles!
No offense but i dont like the machine with the rope and the machine with the rotating circle because there are slow and have very few openings. Could you add more holes or L's for the next race?
Doesn't work! 0/10
This is too hard with one bullet! still good though!
It is called the triple twin but it is nice!
you can do better...
this is unfair because the gold side is heavier than the other sides.
i join!!!
mine is a marble with lime on the outside and green in the inside
The blue marble inside just pops out...
i changed it
omg your marble you gave to smiley is going to lose quickly because your marble has differenent weights on different corners so u better MAKE IT EVEN
wrong user sorry. but your marble just pops off and the red one only remains so that doesnt work.
i pick grey PLZ
i am working on a marble race but i didnt want to rush it so it will take some time;)
plz just make a marble an dont add extra stuff like the bok and ying yang person because it took me a while to seperate the marble from the other stuff
also can you hide the tracers by doing:selection,move selected to the back? thanks!
here is a list of adjustments to do: remove circle cake and remove borders.
use the text tool!!! i cant read what your math says
i hate u
i cant join because the discord link is expired. you need to change the code to no time limit and it has to have no limit on how many people can join
also the track broke
smiley the code doesnt work i have discord but the code wont let me in it says it is expired or invalid... make a new code with infinite time and infinite amount of people can join!!! it wont let anyone else in because it is expired or invalid!!! also my discord account is Ken3344.
i have discord but it wont accept the code!!!!
the reason why the minority of people where able to join is because hey got in before the time limit of 24 hrs! ***To change the setting to make the time infinite you go to advanced settings, expire after then change it to never to make it infinite***. i hope smileys sees this and understands it because it is becoming a big problem.
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