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my runtime was 5.7 on my AMD, well i dont know what amd it is, wll its a AMD Dual-core proccesor on my windows 7
what da f*** is dis
how did you even do this!? THIS IS AWESOME! 20/10
Can you make a lotus pls?
Can You Make A Lotus please?
i have a breakable wood box, can i add it to the scene lucas please???
whats this code all about?:|
i know, but im not that good at these kind of things.
Yikes, while editing the piston kinda failed cause the piston slammed into the head so hard it flipped making the top of the piston rubbing the cylinder wall.
this is my 2nd inline engine, im not very good
Thanks Xray!
It worked!
OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? 15/16TH OF MY ENGINES DISSAPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey the last step for the car, i loosened it from da backgrond and losend the wheel and set to highest and now it bouncing all around
well, i dont know, but that was probably a glitch, cause the next day it was ok, what i meant about 15/16th of it was missing was that little circle for the conrod and the piston rings and the axle for the crank, which is the ONLY axle on the engine, and i think that black circle for the conrod connection for the piston, oh and i have a v-twin of this coming.
oh and theres 2 engines, the one on the left is the main one and one on right is for example for what would happen if you pulled on the conrod and piston, they would seperate.
:( mine was 6.35, with a windows 7, the processor ram and computer below
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X3 720 3.08 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
System Type: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit Operating System
Video card: well Nvidia GeForce something
i got a pretty good computer but that long.
when the car got crushed by the truck, THE GUY SURVIVED IN ONE PIECE!!! well, anyway, 100/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
well i don't know how you make a spawn engine, and i'm not a good scripter
my V-Twin is out if you dont already know XRay
Ill compete, can i just use axles? im not good really at all with scripting
oh i didnt read the rules :I
actually by the way im TERRIBLE at coming up with ideas:(
hey on the final text when you press T, please do a different word than s***
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