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Tell me what to improve for next update in this comment section. Constructive criticism encouraged!
Bug found: The Periodic Table and the Number Marbles doesn't moved, to be fixed in next update.
For the meantime, just loosen it twice (for the numbers) or thrice! (for the Periodic Table)
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hi guys!

You two will be put in here in a "flash" update.
Still, whoever wants to be in here may also comment!
Next time:)
I'm one of the fans of her that easily forgiven her.
"Avoid a flame war"
Amazing job you done there!
I quite like the touch you made to one of the papers (you put Pencil's doodle in it)
DONE! Jeap has been assigned red-orange and Bloon104, dark pink. You two can change your color, but not the colors assigned to very popular people: red, orange, yellow, lime, purple and cyan.

MarbleRaceFan has also been reassigned as dark orange and I fixed my username.
Last edited at 2016/04/04 04:21:37 by TheAwesomeBAddy
Where is CWBTCABLOTFMMMMR and MP4 minivames?
I think some slopes are bugged.

Otherwise, this is fair.
1. Size. Change the size of the organizers.

2. Beat the Boss is exactly the same as Failder Marathon, only that the boss can be any marble in Beat The Boss while in Failder Marathon, the boss is locked to Failder.
I know, some tokens are similar to other camp's tokens. Only the Freeze Token, Token Token, Ultra Revenge Token and the Sacrifice Token was intentionally inspired by other tokens. the rest are made up.

Tell me if you want these four out of this.
Last edited at 2016/04/12 06:54:41 by TheAwesomeBAddy
Oh, and the thing right of the Shop is used to decide what token can you get when a contestant uses a Token Token.
This is about medium for me. Okay, but more pieces could set the difficulty.
+MaxxGlavas May I use this to make a similar scene, but with more blocks and a DIY like scenario? I will not copy the mobs and Steve, only the blocks. And don't worry, I'll credit you.

First scene posted using my iPad!

BTC 9 has been published but not CWBTCABLOTFMMMMR or Marble Party 4. Not to be rude, but me and another of your fans are requesting for it.
The best description made by Jspero77:

This is the first file uploaded using my iPad! That's why it says "before 1.8.5".
And yes, the original file was Doc's Geometry Dash scene. I used his cube making scene to make this scene. Probably a bug that it displays his description and title and not mine. I deleted the content of his stuff though. Still, credit to him!
FYI, the three levels after Deadlocked are just user levels. You may wanna replace them with The Seven Seas (Easy), Viking Arena (Normal) and Airborne Robots (Hard) from Meltdown. And don't forget that a level will come with 2.1!

Weird that the first of the three user levels are one of my favorites.
Sorry, but I don't know much about this camp but I will just vote for Teardrop because I have no other choice.
Actually, the design is quite bad (the design for the bowls, the ramps etc.). It can use some improvements from other people. Try using Luka, MarbleRaced or PHUNGL's marble packs.

This, however is a great concept for a marble race! However, the people who did Magenta Marathon Marble Races, which is the same, although the boss is Magenta or Hot Magenta has the same concept, but only with one boss marble.
No more spots left:(
If I am in this camp, my answer would be "because I want to prove that newbies who hasn't entered a camp before can win"
But I can't.
Me at first sight: I'm so gonna root on Spy!
Me after seeing the sescription: Oh *facepalm*
Like the highest scorer and dislike the lowest scorer of the three. I seriously dunno the scores.
(Has the voting ended?)
Are you randomizing Sweet Tooth now?
First with FelixChan!

I like it but please add the Triple Failder Spinner in your stuff scene so that others may use it more easily

Last edited at 2016/05/06 03:30:03 by TheAwesomeBAddy
I'm excited to see how this will come out! Poor Red, it was the biggest but exploded due to the treaty.
1. Agrees with Beast.
2. It is not recommended to post something good to the scene you made just to attract others. We will most likely not be fooled.
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