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you do know you are using the old phun??
it does not work
the balls just fall out most of the time :(
my first comment in ages...
lol i was wondering why the truck was shaking like mad and the realtime % dropped then shot back up you might want to try a different chair company.....
looks good. 8/10
i hope that that was some cut rope.....:lol:
maybe make it so a little more water is added.
p.s. you HAVE to drag the wheel
Last edited at 2009/07/20 21:59:12 by electronicboy
there is a small piece over the steering wheel pole (the pole attatced to the steering wheel) that is loose but still (8+2/10)lol
Last edited at 2009/07/21 10:58:38 by electronicboy
you need to get your eyes tested as i have found 3
the hinge on the wheel connecting to the engine and the wheel touching the ground.
there is a small fixate conneced near the top left fixate on the combustion chamber
and the killer bar (for the water that gets out
that is all ive found and there is more
lol its driving backwards
yayz ill dye in the year 3011!!!
:lol: i stuck loads of water in the tube between both engines and blocked the pipe and the car was bouncing up and down!!!:lol:
999999999999999/10 !!!
Last edited at 2009/07/22 18:46:16 by electronicboy
a bigger version of phall 1!!!
the bit that comes down does not work properly. 5/10 ( because half of it works) :lol:
i ended up making a reset device to reset the scores.(my first piece of thyme!!! lol
where is the device that make the scene pause???
Last edited at 2009/07/29 19:32:19 by electronicboy
lol. i learned basic scripting today. and guess what i did with that knowledge. no i did not cheat. no i never. i swear i never. ok ,ok fine i confess.

i understand what you mean!!!
you can't even spell mathematical :lol:
Last edited at 2009/08/01 16:00:26 by electronicboy acts a little wierd on these bumps when you yo fast enougth to do a jump.
the "triange background"
you ought to check it out:lol:
amazing isn't the word.
as phun would rate it +inf/10 !!!
great idea but the vehacle always leans to one side.
i ended up building a big thing that holded ammo and pushed them to a hole where i can pull the ammo out and phun them into the gun!!!
oh come on.
13k particles of water. if anybody can run this even at 1% real time then i will be surprised.
1/10 for your sake i will not vote
laser cutter's falling down, falling down, falling down! ow my head:lol:
it was moving down very slowly by its self
the bomb is not his :o :mad:
it was created by someone called rusinventor (or something like that).
will one thing to fix is the escaping laser beam when moved.
-comment removed-
Last edited at 2009/09/03 14:58:32 by electronicboy
just make a circle with a hinge at the edge to hit the screen.
set the hinge to 600 (speed) and +inf strength
and all it needed was a circle:lol:
he means sim frequency
works in algodoo!
ZIProg floppy missing
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