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hmm not bad for a first timer, but jams alot for me, and the aiming goes to fast to be accurate
not bad :tup:
new version is on its way. working on switching the scoretable spots, and need a new ejection mechanism. got an idea for an ejector? gimme one and you will get the credit:*) :*)
and thats why your name is mr crash...
once again you build to amaze 8/10 (it lagged alot)
not that good, had to build another shape in the bottom to prevent it from breaking when i clicked play. the barrel is to large in comparison to the shells, but anyways you inspired me to make one. just give me some time and i'll do a better one :)
not really that stable when i tried it. i kept on bursting myself trough the tower all the time. i made one myself (but didnt care to save it) using a frame that the plane was stuck to, to lower and raise it. thereby giving me a 24/7 stable plane. for my bombs i used a simple circle (coll grp B) with smaller circles inside it (coll grp A) when the bomb hit an extra ground, with only coll grp B + killer, the shell would be destroyed and the smaller circles would burst free, giving me a bomb exploding on contact with the ground. i can make one later
not that good. since the legs went so fast, i had no control whatsoever. but gj with the concept tough
wow, good job. there were some mistakes with the background threes beeing "layered" on diffent spots on the jeep (but not that big a deal) somewhat laggy (but cant expect much).
perhaps add explosions to the shells (which will cause more lagg:P)
aaah, well good job, after i pushed the antilagg button, everything went at normal speed:D
hmmm, perhaps you should have added a stabilizer, it was very unstable. the gun looked nice, but fired to fast, and also, the legs were to fast aswell (which may also have caused it to tip over)
oh... my... god!
that is fricking awesome mate. great job!
+no lagg
+quick fire
+different design from most other guns
+awesome machinery
+for beeing made by a noob (no offence :) )

- nothing, didnt jam to me

hmm, not bad. works at many angles, however, when i fired with the gun in one angle (towards the left) the bullets in the chamber restocked and went the other way, making it impossible to load a new one. anyways, 8/10 from me:)
to much lagg but still nice 5/10
and my dad says i have problems...
is it supposed to fall apart like that?
well, not bad, not as much as i had expected, but cool anyways. helpful hint, remove the clouds, reduces the lagg
yea, im gonna see if i can improve the car:)
really? didnt happen to me very often, i'll see what i can do tommorow
nice gun, liked the house, but lagged alot:P also, the explosive bullet "exploded" while it flew
nice, was fun while it lasted:D
slightly laggy, but understandable due to the details
was fun, just had to fix the grounds and wheels coll group so the scythe didnt kill the ground
cool, but not that big deal i think, knew they came from WoW.
nice try, but this one has been done many times :(
check out my pong for instance, it has an effective score-system, and ejectable balls (that i still need to work on :bonk: )
sry mate, should've just called it big bomb.
anyways, seen the same thing here way to many times, had to destroy some of the buildings to minimize the lagg.
ye, but thats what you have a drag tool for:P
i'll see if i can further improve the veichle, make it suit your needs
mate, im not gonna go hard on you, but this is something we see everyday here on phun. you want to make something better, use some time on it.
the first thing i uploaded, was
it may not have been that good, but i did use some time on it, was still new to phun then, and i've learned alot more now:)

anyways, good luck here on phun, anyone can become good at this
ah yes, the good old circle shooting mechanism, oldie but a goodie.
perhaps give us the ability to aim the gun, and might want to improve its looks, it looked weird by the tracks. and also, change the shell's coll grp to A instead of B, it's about the standards you know, someone might want to make their own targets
not bad:) had to improve the movement strenght to get around, but still good:) might want to make a longer one tough:)
could'nt find my way around this one, so i just cheated:P
anyways, nice, perhaps make a better one, and improve the ice, make it more slidy.
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