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cool im a contraptioneer 2 nice job
Isnt this a restitution pin mechanisn not a magnet because i think gauss rifles use magnets
kinda laggy
dont u mean mongoose
theres only 1 racer:bonk:
i cant find da easter egg
thats a knockoff of an ODST from Halo
Look at jesus:tdown:
Pretty laggy
you dont have to make individual rods to get that tie die color there is a built in texture like that
the bomb there is mine
i got the idea from gaxxag
btw i thought of the ground concept i didnt know about the other 1
a little 2 reminiscent of a pelican
well it doesnt lag on mine but since others get lag ill give 7/10
When it comes to scripting-2/5, very complex oncollide
Simplicity-6/10,wayy to simple outside of scripting,its hard to store cause it's too sensitive.
Impact-9/10, It's a very good explosion except it can have more penetration cause some bricks absorb da impact
Consistency-5/5, works everytime!
CPU Usage-7/10,Can get laggy

Total: 27/35 + bonus = 29/35
rly wierd i dont have any glitches
there's something wrong wit the parachute
Simplicity-8/10 Good but a llittle too simple
Impact-9.10 lotsa damage but i dont realy like resti. bombs
Scripting-5/5 none at all
CPU Usage-10/10 no lag
Consistency -5/5
-3pts because not really a bomb

Last edited at 2009/08/21 20:53:29 by RayA75
do you mind if i use this for one of my C-130 bails
Last edited at 2009/08/22 00:18:51 by RayA75
High altitude low opening so the're pretty much paratroopers
Last edited at 2009/08/22 00:28:22 by RayA75
"This "wings" is good but still not realistic, I think we can improve phun "flying" a lot. "

Dont C-130 engines swivel up and down
I want lunch!
btw the textures arnt working
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