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Try my other scenes and RATE IT!
Today i want to upload my second city with:
- player car
- other AI cars (invisible path following cars)
- train
- house, builidngs, traffic lights, day cyclus
- simple mission (find object on map)
more info in uploaded scene

Report of next map:

Prototype of car in city from top view:
- Simple physic
- Animated wheels textures
- City is made from elements (straight road, turn, crossroad,traffic
roundabout block, etc.)
- Simple mechanical path following AI for other cars
- Animated water texture
- Added house, trees,traffic lights

Planned updates:

- More type of cars, boats, trains (working on textures, etc.)
- Better graphic/textures (cars, terrain, roads, etc.)
- Better physics settings (add sequential gearbox, better brake, etc.)
- Add house, trees,traffic lights
- Add day cycle with working car lights (high beam,brake lights, blinkers, etc.)
- Please write any idea into comments or thing what i can optimize
In future:
- Better textures
- Better claw
- Harvester can mill all tree
- Harvester can mill more types of tree
- Write if I forgot something

Thanks Silent Bender
Please try my other scenes
This was ONLY prototype
(if people like it, and how i see, it is better than i think:D)
Sorry for my poor english but i Slovak
Thakns too Silent Bender:tup:
You can use(models, textures or idea),edit,copy(to your scenes),
anything(or all:D) from my scenes but write that it is from me (Jakub_Kubo)
I really don´t know what i´m done:P
This is very,very old scene (maybe two years ago)
I only want show how i started scripting (one laser, one simply script)

Thanks Ultragamer564 and try my other scenes
You can use it in your scenes
I try to make it easy to understand and editable
Sorry i forgot:D NumEnter
Thx for "bug" i added it to controls
Working on :bonk:
(sim.time == 0 ? { = 0}:{e.this.density = 0})
Its right?
Look at the forum for "sounds in algodoo"
PC V.4 is almost ready, maybe tomorow i upload it
It NOT reference an apple! >:(
It working on linux [JOKE]:D
Ok i change one of the CD to linux-installer.exe
And I change apple CD change to pear because I NOT reference anything (except algdoo:D)
Last edited at 2015/08/24 21:17:31 by JakubKubo
Computer is virtual, only input (letters,numbers)
and CD player are hardvare (big box on the right,smaller is CD player)
It uses few scripts and two variabiles (X,Y) that´s all
Just new user? I´m not new user (or?:bonk: )
This is only BETA!!!
Last edited at 2015/09/20 16:34:19 by JakubKubo
OK i write on TO-DO-LIST:
- Obstacles
- Grass,mud,etc. = slow down (great idea _o_ thx)
- Better control
- Enemies (line following cars)
Last edited at 2015/09/20 16:33:47 by JakubKubo
I have a lot of uncompleted scenes, lot of unrealized ideas, but i have NOT time to realize it. So i start to edit some older scene and upload it,like this.
Lot of scenes i made when i have holidays, but now school starts...

This is new account, i forgot password and e-mail on old account
(i only use it to purchase algodoo, i buy algodoo three or more years ago)

Btw: why you write "@" in front of my name?
You can use my track parts from my scene:
Feel free to use, modify, share it

Sorry for my bad english but i´m slovak
how you get top view kit?
Hi can i use your train "engine" idea and make my own version?
I write that is it your idea, credits to you and your scene link.
Check it:
I´m using this
for max: (e)=>{ > 10 ?{ = 10}:{}}

for min: (e)=>{ < 2 ?{ = 2}:{}}

Or you can use clamp(<value>,<min>,<max>)
Last edited at 2017/12/28 09:28:29 by JakubKubo
Next version will be longer, maybe, because now my PC sometimes lag
(for example: if I fly with plane through rain with big zoom :'( )
And the second problem is than i don´t have much time right now :(
I´m from Slovakia and i´m 16 years old. Why? :)
I found what made a FPS drops (runaway ruller) so in next version it will be removed, write some new ideas about it.

My ideas:
Storm light effect
Day light cycle
Working gear
Damage effects(maybe animated fire too)
Any more ideas?
Last edited at 2015/10/22 18:00:06 by JakubKubo
My personal record: 15,000 Litres of fuel and landing without (wheel) brakes, only back thrust
The linkage: It uses scripts rand.uniform01 for particles color
Xray: Thanks, i have my own scene with five random functions what i find on forum
Btw: thanks for comments
I help you if i can? what do you want?
Look at this:
I working on new scripted LSDifferential:D
I know how diff works, i made it mechanical:
But now i want to make it scripted :bonk:
Btw.Thanks for your comment _o_

I get an idea today during PC lesson in school
(We are programming in pascal )|( )
If i made ratio of wheels speed like (X-rear wheel,Y-front wheel):
So for the back wheel: X=Z*Y and front wheel: Y=X/Z
Or no? What do you think about it:s
Last edited at 2015/11/10 16:01:43 by JakubKubo
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