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If you use this, you must give credit to me!
I would Honestly want my Building Blocks!
I updated it tad bit. Actually, alot! Hope you'll enjoy the new one!
Hope you guys enjoy!
How did you do that trace of rainbow colors?!?!?
The last few (best to worst) were Pencil, GBGB, Needy (DONT CALL ME NEEDY!), Woody, and leafy. Wow, still doing worst as usual Leafy!
Found it! The hold button just spazzes out XD
I love you too Lester! Thanks for the ball! I guess i'm third?
I'm happy! cuz dis iz da trihd oobecjt asetsss I didd XD
If you can, FIND THE REFERENCE! I know it already.
Can you add cyan? If you do, count me in! I'll be cyan if you add him.
I will update now!
Aaron8205 - Pen (My 2nd favorite character in BFDI!)
teard - TD
Teal790 - Yin-Yang
9 spots now left!
NateTube HD - Announcer
Plz no report for spem plz
SNOONAN, YOU'RE WRONG! It was a troll!
Algodoo is free, so why did people start fighting over it? I say Algodoo was better at the start. And stop emoji spamming. And stop swearing.
SuperHeroAhmad - Boombox
altugdelen2 - MePhone 4

It's MePhone 4 not Iphone 4!

Also there is something dirty in this XD
Thanks macky! Give me credit though!
Thanks! Results will be out soon!
BTW, this page changes when I put up the results, so yeah.
Day 1 - Pink eliminated
Day 2 - Olive Eliminated
Day 3 - Red Eliminated
Day 4 - Maroon Eliminated in the private/unreleased challenge.
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