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phun beta 5! i need it i can not seem to get it:grr:
good idea
to make this work ALOT better u can make the spring's target length a bit longer:*)
use the cut tool to cut the trigger and then attach a spring to it an connect the spring to the launcher and then make ur trigger invisible after fixating it the gun's trigger and then it will be awsome:) :) :)
to make it better u can clone the too and put them on the samrectangla and then lower a bit the motor's strenght
there's one thing that will make this ALOT better just make the green box (killer of the balls) attraction to 100 it will be a lot stronger and faster:tup:
u can't actually put it in a car because of the scripting
way too good:tup: :tup: _o_
still have the problem of getting stuck sometimes and still can't get it on a car but i am working on doing that in a version of mine
well kinda i just took the green box and the gear(what i needed)
u shoold chek out my second version
same as my prototype but you used attraction and water instead of circles but still good!
such good crawlers;)
i have got an idea to make this even more awsome, try to make the texture picture change when pressed up in to the jumping mario picture and when collided to the ground becomes back to normal, pleaze i don't know how to make that code in phun
an other idea you can make a ceiling collision menu c for the coins and put the code for oncollide to delete everything that touches it collision menu c and make it add 1 to a score
you could use a gear instead of a box wish will make it update faster
nice programming way :bonk:
what would be amazing if u could use such a map to make springs become bigger and smaller accordingly so that u can make a car pass without changing level it would move perfectly smoothly;)