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hey myggan thanx for commenting i cant get anyone else to comment
this is a great idea to build the chasis and then let other people join in and finish it.!!! ive been lookin for somethin like this for ages !!:tup:
hey, man... i love ur work! Im workin on a scene that involves a stadium truck. its gonna be awesome! i have all the scenery done all i need is the truck... i have tried several diff kinds and many breakable ones, but i just cont get it. i really need some help. can you give me a breakable stadium are truely talented.... how long have you been involded with phun... ive ben playin around for about a year.... well i hape u can help me.
:( :) :cool: :coolgrin: :rolleyes: :unsure: :blink: :blush: :bonk: :cry: :devil: :drool: :angel: :zzz: :tdown: :tup: :yum: :lol: :mad: :huh: )|( :grr: <_< 8| _o_ ;) :y :x :*) :'( :+ :P :s :D :o :/ :love:
hey roman im sorry man. but my computer is a bit old and it wont alow me onto x-fire.... do u have an email we could chat over if so my email adress is
THanks all you guys for you recomendations thanks!:*)
Good! i really enjoyed this scene. The only flaw i found was that the crash happend at around 34.244 - 36.8381meters / second. which is around 80 miles per hour hour a more reeeeealistic crash is more like 25 meters / second which is approx. 55 miles / hour. but great scene i loved it! 10/10:tup:
this is of. the speed is about perfect in relationto an actual drag bikee. 122 meters per second is around 300 miles per hour
<_< the 4/10
Thanks all you guys for downloading my tower crane:)
But Pleas Leave a comment on what you thought of it:)
catch the blob and no its kina just a fun little thing to get ur brain goin in a engineering kinda way
hey thanks for giving me suggestions ill definately look into them, im working on a 2.0 version. im having some trouble though. thanks!:D
nice try man. 5/5 got a few glitches but...... its a computer siulation its not going to be 100% accurate. nice job!
Last edited at 2011/07/31 21:38:44 by dirtrider08
i love it.
Very nice scene, 10/10. but.. ive seen real smart car crash tests, and this comes nowhere close. smart cars rebound off of the object they impact, they are not this absorbent. i understand that it is almost impossible to recreate an exact crash test in algodoo, this is why i gave you 10/ 10, have a good day!:tup:
you can definately use it thanks:coolgrin:
Actually, I thought about it more....

You cannot define space for another reason!

It is everywhere, to us it is where we live and it is everything, so to calculate the size, there has to be something that our universe is inside of. such as a fish only knows its own universe as the pond it lives in. to the fish living inside, there is nothing else but the water and the water is everywhere and everything.
This event only happends on a GLOBE, or an object with GRAVITY... out in space with no effects of gravity, given the same initial velocity, they will arrive at their destination at precisely the same time.