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Im a newcomer in algodoo and I already have over 500 downloads. This is sure to get popular quick. Good job!:tup:
The guy is a faker. Dont beilive this poser. Youve earned my dislike. Ima hate on all your scenes :3
nice. Ima play this when im mad
It doesnt work. Put a tracer on the tip of the bullet, pull the trigger, it doesnt come out.
You play roblox?:P
Heres my suggestion for a car: 2008 Caterham Super Seven Roadster B)
Zach, its his ragdoll. I dont like copiers. Yes, I do get ragdolls and grenades. I give credit. You dont. DELETE IT
And if its going to be a surgery simulator, add organs and blood. it doesnt even have a drop of blood.
Zach, stop. Youre just making yourself look foolish and you live off of copying scenes. Delete it. Or I will report you.
Delete. Its copied.
Go ahead. I know you wont.
If you actually put effort into your scenes they would be good.
Go ahead. Report me. Nothing will happen.
Algodoo didnt start 15 years ago. Stop trying to look cool. Your profile says your relatively new. Hmmm. Lie much?
Its good.
You cant stop us from playing your levels. Why would I want to anyways? :laugh:
My score was 4.89
AMD Elite Quad Core A-8 6500 Accelerated Processor
8 GB of memory
2 TB Hard drive
AMD Radeon HD 8570D
Windows 8
Windows 8.1*
I have better things to do than deal with you little kids.
Sucks. Being honest.
You just wont stop copying, will you?
Zach, you just wont stop copying, will you?
They are copied...First you copied swe mans ragdoll, now youre putting no effort? No offense, but please actually make your scenes decent.
Unlike him, I actually gave credit to the person who made them...
Post your times in the comments!

Mine - 5 seconds:P
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