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great, but kinda hard to use the hammer and the grinder.-no, make that really hard. 8/10, though
i had to stick the bomb behind the toy to blow it that a design flaw?
hatch thing doesn't work
that's whats so cool
you would get it if you have seen mythbusters demolition derby special...i guess i ramped it up a little(ok, a lot) though...4 times the speed of sound.
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changed name to awesome
the car doesn't turn to dust though! :)
i tried slowing down the car to 150 m/s, but the cars kind of just squish and dont look so cool. If you improve it, please add a scene responce!
the cars kind of just explode
(this is maxey553 using friend's account)

sweet art dude! keep up the good work!

do you have an idea on how to make it go faster?
i turned off air and made heavier, but now it just spins around in the air and doesn't drive
(Warning! Science Content!) well, since the hinges stretch, at the beginning, the spring gets it moving-the hinges get stretched. Since the weight on the end of the "rotor" has a lot of inertia, due to it's high mass, it keeps one hinge stretched more than the other. the smaller one has more pulling force, and acts like a spring and pulls the arm down, then the other gets smaller, and the whole things just keeps running over and over again. (I watched the whole thing in slo mo to figure that out)
I love it. I got it going to 10879 m/s, and the wind resistance first made the lights break, then the car lift off the ground, then the roof fly off and the wheel fall out._o_