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Is someone here? can someone like it? can someone favorite this? can someone rate this?

Leg 4 is probably taking long...
Leg 11 can be bugged somehow
At leg 9 marbles could fall down so be carefull! be carreful at leg 5 because marbles could fall down too!
Leg 15 has 5 shooters, it can take long!
You cant use more speed until 1.50 because its so many stuff!
The course its pretty long...:D
Hope someone will add a video in youtube with this marble race.
Yay! my second scene!
oh by the way i will cancel this
MISTAKE: it says leg 1 in 2nd leg
last 23 marbles to finish leg 2 are eliminated
last 70 marbles to finish leg 1 are eliminated
Dk. Midnight is out because he fell down in leg 1!
Light Rainbow and Yin-Yang also fell down and died. But i recovered them and they rejoined!
Lights Transparent Rainbow*
Warning: Tan has a different tracer color.
Im here!
Wait, where is Magenta and Lavender?
Wow i see, they cheated! they are already in the shoother!
wait, i didnt put Red? maybe he starts with 4 points
If you dont know how to start, press enter.
Trebox, nah
Pencil says: vote for me! yea yea yea! vote for me! yea yea yea! so i can rejoin the contest, so i can rejoin the contest!!
Manuel111 Products&Games, 3 will be eliminated in leg 2 not 4
redpr1sm, you cant be serious!
I see no minigames its glitch in my screen
I pick lime because its my favorite color!
No points! last one to finish is ELIMINATED!
that is brown and he has the lowest score
oh! voting ends on April 1 and episode 2 is going to be released in April 2
i vote for lilac because its too girly! i love blue and cyan, dont vote for blue
if you agree with me, VOTE LILAC!
macky527, seriously? no. i cant, im sorry, but you can make marble pack with my items and i got the from Luka,Erikfasset and Jack (probably) and John Dubuc (i think so)
Leg 4 = Immunity leg 1
Leg 5 = Good way or Bad way
nevermind no sign ups
i didnt made them, i copyed them

Original (Mine):

1st - Tworollingdice
2nd - Luka Djokovic
3rd - The all Rounder
4th - Jack Spero
5th - Carykh
6th - Pie Chart
7th - Epic Marble Race League
8th - John Dubuc
9th - Randome
10th - Wallpaper
11th - Marble Race
12th - Skyscrapers
13th - Erikfasset
14th- Henry Zhang
15th - PHUNGL
No eliminations!
No eliminations!
Wait, there is something going wrong! why is there a sign? delete that sign
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