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sry about that its fixed now
the controls are w,a,s,d and you have to go up to get out
Last edited at 2009/05/19 16:27:11 by 9373
no they dont it works fine on my computer
Last edited at 2009/07/08 21:25:04 by 9373
:s )|( english dude english
Very cool and perfectly timed too
when i fire the tanks explodes...
It doesing work in algodoo
this is really cool!!:tup:
There is only two shots with any ammo... more ammo plz?
danielmokin why is it so bad?
its cool but you move to fast to i got totaly shredded 9/10
that is really cool!! 10/10
9/10 the ragdolls dont break enough
Last edited at 2009/10/04 18:08:32 by 9373
yes i did...:) and i gave it 10/10;P
This is freaking awsom!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10
where is that in the lvl so i can fix it?
mine does'int lol
yeah because of the Inf+ refractiveness
hey jack i told you not to put this on it Mine i made it!!!!! Little brothers....
:grr: ur gonna get it
no dont make it an adventure game it really cool 10/10
it means its phun safe
as long as its not to simalar sure i dont care
just give me credit for the idea
I BULIT THAT!!! THAT's MY SCEAN LOOK --> :grr: :grr:
Last edited at 2009/10/25 07:22:57 by 9373
Most of your sceans sre other peoples with a couple things added:tdown: :tdown:
this is really cool 10/10
i didint say sorry for what? your rating all my sceans 1/10 why?
Last edited at 2009/10/29 11:32:53 by 9373
what? i was just joking around? and no i wont change the bomb cuz it cool and it does'int affect other you are inmature(crytek) that same thing happend to me and i fix it with console/sim.frequency =100
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