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Your comment is FAIL

this is not much but if you set it all in one is it super ring!:D

PS dont say ANYTHING about my english
I was busy with a 4 but its so detailed that it whas very very very very lagging (Srru for english
Nice, but who is the REAL maker?
This whas my creation... thanks for editing me! :grr: )|( :( :mad: :tdown:
srry for bad english
Niet zelf gemaakt?,

wat goed!
ik ben ook NL
I know :rolleyes:
I made A.W. 6!
lol! zoom too 1.10 and take the guys (emil???) head! look at hes eyes
very very nice game!

Yes? W,S,A,D and the arrows
denniesloot you are telling that on pretty much wrestling scenes
thx i am working on a second one. But it is hard)|(
other one almost finished!
:P if it is i wil upload
Last edited at 2010/08/21 12:35:52 by 9berend9
whow this is pretty awesome!:lol: I make a lot of 2 player wrestling scenes, but this looks really complicated, did you script?:s Anyways, its a really nice scene. You should make more levels!_o_
nice, check out my wake/kneeboard scenes:D