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Good, but sometimes the soda doesn't show sometimes.
Good job! Add more CDs and you can also add an screen for empty CD.:)
I think he hacked Phun and added mouse_click.
If you thinked that I forgot to write credits, don't worry. Credit is placed in information.
austin9700 - I was talked about PHUNGL's marble race.
Okay, I will post the race I created (but on eliminations close the hole for passed marbles, else the eliminated ones will pass).
The scene I used for marble race.
Problem fixed.
The answer for falling off is collision layers. For an example, if I have a box with collision layer A and your ladder, they sometimes collide, so the ladder stops for a milisecond. If a marble is elevating and the ladder stops, the marble jumps up due to collision.
Why wow? My answer?
Algodoo runtime: 6.08 (now 6.1, JEEZ! :grr: )

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
AMD Athlon)tm=) II X4 620 Processor
2600 Mhz (2.6 Ghz)
4.00 GB RAM (4.00 GB usable)
8.00 GB VRAM (virtual RAM)
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Thanks for all the tips, PHUNGL. But I didn't used some because it's impossible to do.
Flight ramps are impossible due to circle glued to the marble (but, you've seen "Note for Flight Ramps"?) which is easily notable.
I know. ALGODOO IS WEIRD. and title is mine wrong. I will fix that.

I fixed now it needs to work.
I have a question. Can I use all 28 marbles that I made or I need to use the 15 from the scene?
You actually used things from PHUNGL and someone else (I forgot the name!!!)
You just copied my marble race.
Attraction... nothing new.
The multiplier is -2.
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Not really sure about that.
What credit?
The force of "Fantas" are too high. You can move the coin swotch a bit to the moving refiller (the thingy that rotates) or simply update the design.

LOL; I was typing this and all the fantas dropped.
I know, and I am not possible to upload the entire marble race. I don't have two parts.
I understand the timing. And this mechanical thingy does not have any thyme script.
The magenta circle (below the red thingy) is the timer. It step-by-step prepares the objects to exit. Investigate the mechanics by looking the circles spinning on the magenta circle.

For the final preparation, the small purple circle kills the bigger purple circle and the exit starts.
Nice idea. You can improve that the keylock goes back to its place.
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