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Because unfortunately esperiencia and have enough time to change gravity and leave while the game easy for some players, suppose exsita a planet with the same seriousness that our then we can conclude that this is the reason why gravity this is.:coolgrin: Thanks anyway I thank you for asking
Veio eu só novo aqui, no Algodoo mas do pouco tempo que estive aqui eu nunca tinha visto tal coisa tão perfeita,ainda mais uma simulação de moto,que é o mais foda de se fazer.Vó fala a verdade paguei um pal pro seu trabalho parabens,eu também faço cenas com suspensões mas nem chega perto do que você fez,parabens mano de um 10 ai pra você, vlw e parabens pelo trabalho gostei muito mano :coolgrin:
Sim sou,estou aprendendo algumas coisas ainda,de nada pelo comentário fico muito foda a moto e tudo, em breve irei fazer uma também. :tup:
Can you help me to do that system of current ? I got problems with that, thanks
I don´t think so.
I know what is like because i tried this too, i think the secret is on the Thusters, i took one of them and put on the front of one of mines, and it worked for a short time, later a share it here on algoodo, but your plane still awnsome, good work, congratulations.
Come on, it´s not a crime, i just use it for a cool thing, i´m building a new engine, i gave it for you. _o_ :tup:
I can help you, i will do a suspension for you and you can add it for your cars
Look for my Scene "Project Zero"
Heeeey man, thats not bad, see my scenes to help you to have an idade, sunner i will do an tutorial telling how i do cars, bikes, trucks, and other stuffs.:tup:
Hey man, thanks, i´ll keep doing it. :)
Man congratulations, you did a great job using some pretty nice physics simulations and tools to make this scene. Keep doing it, i like it very much.:tup:
Man, i can see by the others scenes you have done before this one, that you like tanks. And i can say you are one of the best tanks makers i ever found on algodoo. Nice job
i will, but not now, im planning to make a sniper rifle with fire system and bolt action.
This is my scene bro! I will report you for copying my stuff
Man i need to say something... You are awnsome! I´m here on the Algoodo since 2012, and i came from Phun simulation. Sice that time i never saw something like this, not just this scene but all the others you have made. Man all the cars, all the trucks, are just amazing, congratulations for all that work you have done.

Now one thing about the scene, you made the "ABS Brake System, that is
activated pressin the A and the D buttons at the same time, but the wheels just stop. The ABS is actully a system that dosent allow the wheels to lock.

But the car is awnsome, the physics on the suspensions are awnsome too and now you have a new subscriber. :tup:
Thanks man
On the picture that i based on jas the logo hahah
Very thank you Jack, glad you enjoyed.
The suspension really needs adjustments,

But my focus was really just traction on the stairs, at different angles.

With all thanks for your comment and I saw your projects, they showed me that all my years at Phun and Algoodo are merely nothing compared to their projects haha.

But thank you, and I will later try to use your suspension methodology on my cars and vehicles.
Glad you enjoy Ken
I've been in Algodoo since 2013, more or less 1 year apart than you.

And I must say, you are one of the users that I respect the most on this platform.

Always posting new things and projects and with quality.

I always try to design different things but whenever I see your projects they inspire me.

Thank you for being part of this community.