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you can choose any of these cars (I've copied some cars, and I thank the authors)
can you macke me a scene with all the ways you know to transfom a ball
thank you
thank you! i love it
do you mind if i put some of this thing in my scenes?
i really like it
i only have a suggestion:make car tires with no circle cake
i putted your car in a new scene but the powers dont work
thank you ill try
i forge to tell that if you don t finish the lev el in 500 sec. youll die
i can not do it
sorrry i ment
move special help with wasd
have you finished doing controller ball?
drive slow and safe ....
the raccomandations that my mom gives me when i ride my bike
maybe not
i liked it
sorry is not good
the stuff in your game are really fun
but how do you do swithes and teleports?
i suggest you to do a box that when you thit ti ti comes out a power up or coins
can i borrow your grass and conveyor

you are becoming really good with oncollide
i tave a little request
can you make a scene with a machine that creates a gray circle with mass=0.01
and time to live=5 seconds
if you will make it i will be really happy
thank you
i cant wait for more!
xray how do you do the emoticon you used?
the bear is funny
in powerball how do you do a door that opens with a key?
cayan guy won
sorry, but i like your stuff to much your stuff that i could not help myself
if that so, i dont know how i do it
can you tell me how to suscribe:?

do you live in America?
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