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This is pretty good, although based off a bug, still good:)
Uploaded again, spam much?
Amazing truly amazing, i absolutely love it:D !!!!
W00t good job grady/.
Nice use of the spawn Command, i didnt know that you coudl also set a destroy key on it aswell as spawning it Good job:D
OMG, i love tHIS only BECASUE I CAN SEE YOUR HAND AND A PHONE IN THE hUBCAPS:D Man, that made my day:D
Also look's and acts like m expander also XD
Good job, i like it:)
No, good to see that you didnt put any effort at all into it:)
Sprry mate, but this is horible:s
I see you found a use for Harts A-frame, thats right, i saw it hiding in that reloading mechanism.
Good job para.
nice Svg2phn
I swear, if you ever make me spawn that many geomatries on my putah again, i hit choo
I know, grady told me that once we had almost finished, but this idea has taught me more stuff than if i had of done that texture mapping stuff:)
Im sure you do, but that is the only way that i know how to do it, therefore, i did it that way:)
Very well done, when i look at your version of it, i think that i whent the hard way about doing mine.
Thanks bronie.
I didnt think fo using something liek that for the collision system, good job.
O.o No waiz, how teh did you do that para?
Joker, there is no need to psot that many smilies, i think it is caleld smilie Spam, so please dont do it again.
BTW, love the scene
Well, i created a custom variable called = 1.5 wich means, if i put that on a hinge, in the speed bit VIA the script menu, that motor will turn at 15RPM's now i got anoth block, and put = 6.0 in the onCollide section, that means that if something collides with that box, will equal 6.0 (in other terms, the wheel will turn at 50RPM's)

For all those people that actualyl do know time, sorry about saying it so simply, but its obvious he does not know anything about it, i just wanted him to have a chance to get it working for HIM
Shoot-me, how idiotic can you be, seriously, this bike is perfect, (suspensions a little soft but he intended it to be that way, witch means, its good, it turned out how he wanted) go and hang out on some other website, go annoy them, we dont want you hear, or any people like you, people need "Constructive critisism", not just you complaining because your tiny little brain cant grasp the concept that this bike is great, so jsut, gtfo
Last edited at 2009/06/07 03:59:09 by kilebantick
And i thought you didnt like to use thyme O.O
I loved it, was insanely long, phun, and creative 9/10:)
Also, there IS a counting error on the "Shoot 1, then 2, then 3" section of the scene, if you shoo shoot 2, then 1, then 3. it will work fine, but other than that, this scene is near flawless.
Thankyou very much:) It took me ages to get this far, but i am working as hard as i can, Thankyou for the 10 mate:)
This, is freakin hilarious:D
I love it:)
Nothing special para, Liked the very end bit, very nice touch. Should try getting better textures for the wheels though:) 6/10
Super glitch, so you rated it a 2 -.- It works for everyone else!
That is ok:)
Karate bot. I would really appreciate it if you did not link people to other scenes, using my scene:/
It is good though:)
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