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Hm, how does it "EXPLODE".
It can't "EXPLODE"!
There ist only one problem:
Sometimes a few waterparticles come throught the wall.
sorry, it can't be controlled over the keyboard (only things like coolingwater...)
Yes, it does;)

I have tested the scene on another PC (Phun 5.28) and it works without bugs...

The car had to be big, else the little mechanics are too breakable. And because its too big it had to be more lightweight(er). You can set the Gravity strength and spring strength up, so it will be more realistic.

I know, the values arent ideal yet. I will tweak it later;)

You also can turn the ASR off (with L key). Now it will accellerate a bit faster (ASR isnt perfect, not yet;) )
Last edited at 2009/05/24 19:39:30 by dadido3
Hey, thanks for the improvements and the complete english documentation.

I hadn't much time and was too lazy to do all this stuff;)

But i have 2 "problems":
- why isnt my name in the scene? (it's not important for me, but it would be nice;) )
- some keys are not working, because i have a german keyboardlayout. (+,-,[,])

finally i like to see how the "project" has grown. Hm, we could really make a collab to build a bigger Warehouse with packet queues and self optimizing sequence... but: not enough time (school...:bonk: )
Erstmal vielen dank für den Lob;)

Es würde mich sehr freuen an dem Projekt teilzunehmen, also ich bin dabei.
Great scene. 10P

(Yeah, it runs with 1.5speed at 100% realtime :cool: )
I programmed a CAD-program with "export to phun" function.

Here is a link (but no download) but there are som screenshots.
http://software.wave-desi … de/node/31

Sorry, but the program isnt downloadable (maybe later...).
And it wasnt made for phun, i updated later the export function...
Last edited at 2009/07/29 13:53:29 by dadido3
It looks nice and realistic.
If you build an good looking casing it would be perfect.

Last edited at 2009/07/31 09:05:45 by dadido3
Find ich richtig gut,
gibt auch volle 10 von mir.

Und dann noch: Schöne Schleichwerbung für max goll ^^