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Thx:D its idd pretty good for a first robot arm:)
Boring:/ make a mechanical system in it:)
Who! Nice! You glued circles together! (this sucks)
I love this! Simple but very awesome! 10/10:D
Nice!:D 10/10 But where did you learn scripting?:)
Very nice!
Last edited at 2015/07/26 23:35:34 by nansjes1
lol nice trolling:D
3 words: This is CRAP:/
I dont know... Did you save it to your documents? Than you can reupload it;)
I know;) but i was bored
Bitch! That is my Titanic!!!
Rofl nice
Why you suck:

1 It could never ever be a Ferrari Lotus because Lotus is a brand to. Its a Pagani Zonda c12 F.
2 You stole it from MrLucasManSwe.
Nice! but please move the speed-o-meter thing a litle bit downwards. I cant see it.
Sorry. Didn't see that. Thanks for reporting:)
...I also want ro be a thyme-nerd ;( Could you guys help me out with a nice starters tutorial:)
I coudn't fit Happy Newyear so i did choose Happy 2014:P
It would be nice if it worked. You should update your Algodoo to 2.1.0 which is free!:coolgrin:
Last edited at 2013/12/27 20:03:09 by nansjes1
Nice. But it is AN eye.
If the word after a/an starts with a,e,i,o or u you have to use an.
For example:
An apple
A car
An electrical car

Just so you know:)
Pretty late at this. Sorry for my rude comment. My Algodoo was outdated i think. Works very nice!:D 10/10
I'm didn't know it exist in real life. I was just messing around, looking how I could make a bullet shooting.... thing.... using gravity. But thanks for you feedback:D
This scene is pretty much against the rules<_<
Last edited at 2014/05/06 19:24:04 by nansjes1
Thats okay. You don't really need to give me a credit (but it would be nice):P
I could find any logic behind it:s (with my little brain:P)
But a comment about you electric motor:

lethalsquirrel 2014/05/02 23:13:21
It seems I have created the first motor that's speed depends on how fast your computer is?

You could make a test if you'r system is outdated or not;)
This is not how normal cameras works. This concept is only used in gigantic $20.000 broadcasting cameras used for the fifa worldcup and that sorts of stuff ( )
@faytree yeh, you should have known that, @xray :P
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