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Worst thing I found!
@Benjii It's the smallest car in the world.
This is not even Sky World.
@Xray I will uncover it.
You're a copy-paster since you copy and copy and paste without giving credit. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU WILL GET BLOCKED FROM ALGOBOX AND ALGODOO ITSELF SO YOU COULD ONLY MAKE THINGS THAT ARE ALLOWED FOR YOU, Nuff said. Yyoouu aarree lliikkee 9 or something.
You need thrusters, not water to fly such a delicate rocket.
:( D:
:[ This is VERY bad.
phail... :[
Check out my Rocket + Payload. It was tested and it works 100%! Water will not fly this rocket. Only thrusters or spheric fuel works.
Not even steady.;)
I can do a MUCH better, Delta IV-style rocket.
Epic fail!
This bridge is too weak.
Fun to use. You made lift it with just water.
O_O 0/10 You're a copier.
:| 2/10 Not too great.
:o:):D Best softbody ever!
I can do it with only Brain Holder.
You are worse than Justin Bieber and you're like 12 so you like Justin Bieber.
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