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My laptop blowed up but not bad nice try;)
:D i Know i just singed up a few mins thx for rating
Wow This is the best scene i ever seen that dragon is funny!!!:+ Good Gob.:tup: 10/10
Last edited at 2012/06/23 14:59:09 by Mustang41
this is ur best crashable car is cool ... But some times it crash itself
1000 downloads??? For this rubish??? always thx
Hm thx:D
this is not by u ... stop Re-uploading things.
Not by u....
Just say Incrashable...
9.75/10 . when i press 1 nothing happen.. But always fix it to get 10/10;)
The crashes are very realistic.. Good job.
oo i can't rate 9.75/10 So u got 10/
solid snake ... My favourite character:zzz:
Dick simulation...:bonk:
thx for rate i will make something better and more realistic
Awesome 100% realistic 10/10.
Awesome that was cool...
please can u make a rolls royce?
it's vey rare on algobox:/
Rolls royce Ghost
Of course...
Nice just try to make more parts and use springs...
To make it realistic...
always try my new scene.
why only 93 downloads? this is awesome!!!
Cool ...
Nice make it awesome...
better than GTA 2 always...
its fast like hell
yes im new here and i don't know anything on the script menu so i just try try and try...
jiff:Ok i will make V2 hahaha with no thrusters ...
yanko3769: I will try But
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