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What needles???
Last edited at 2019/10/04 00:40:36 by Xray
I see the motors and the long bar that I guess they are supposed to turn, but for some reason I don't see the dials! I'm running the latest (I think) version of Algodoo (v2.0.1). What might be the problem?
nermif..... How did you get v2.0.2? I see on the Algodoo site that only v2.0.1 is available for download. Did I miss something?
Um, what is this thing supposed to do? It would be nice if you would explain something about it and how to use it.;)
@Spyxe - I typed your script into my concole exactly as you wrote above, and it resulted in a bunch of error messages. But why go through all that complication when you can make a motor move with a mouse click by simply selecting the mouse button as the key to activate the motor? That fuction is already provided, and without any Thyme script needed!
I'm in the X-ray repair business, and I can tell you without any hesitation that this X-ray machine needs LOTS of repair! ROFL!
Needs a little salt.
This needs some work. Sorry, but the mechanism becomes unstable when moving up and down. It needs some work to get it in a condition where it won't fly apart or act erratic. But it's a good start!

.....and "Grab" and "Ungrab" (O and C) do not seem to work.:(
SO, it has a lot of springs. You don't say what all those springs are supposed to do. It looks like just a pile of junk that does nothing. If it is supposed to do something, could you at least give people some idea about it? Or is it just ART that looks like mechanical junk and does nothing at all?
This doesn't do anything except the gray box goes crazy when you start the scene.
You say nothing about controls. Does everyone have to reverse-engineer your scene in order to figure out how to control it? What keys start and stop it, and increase/decrease the speed? Thanks!
Look at other people's scenes to get ideas. That's what I do!
I cut the wires with my knife tool, and the motor continued to spin! So I assume that the batteries are not powering the motor. Is that right? LOL!
This scene doesn't work. The "water" falls through the bottom of the container, and that's all it does!
What exactly is it about this microscope that makes it "BEST"? It's really not very impressive at all. Sorry...
How do you know that this is the "fastest Algodoo car"? Do you actually do a speed comparison with every other Algodoo car n the world?
Learn Thyme script like everyone else, and fix it yourself. There are other guys here who would be glad to help you with questions but they aren't going to work on your entire project just so you won't have to do anything.
Nothing happens when I start Algodoo. Does your scene require a particular version to work?
OOPS! I just saw your "use ENTER" note above!!!
It does nothing but drop down. What's that supposed to be?????
What's so cool about it? It doesn't do much of anything!
This is a game??? It doesn't seem to do much of anything except for a ball rolling and getting hit with a hammer.
The speakers don't work. I can't hear a thing from them! LOL
What do you mean by "Drop it and go"? Drop WHAT? GO WHERE?
Looks like my ex-wife.
Strange bowling game. It doesn't do much of anything. Am I missing something?
When I start the scene, nothing happens. Also, you give no instructions how to control the robotic hand. Also, you mentioned something about EPH, but give no instructions how to use it, or how to program it. Do you expect people to read your mind?
This game needs work. THe ghosts and pacman move around like floating helium balloons. Take a look at the real arcade game, and see how the characters move. Try to emulate that, and you'll have a much better game.
EXCELLENT job on this scene! Very nicely done!
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