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Basketball robot 2

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 194.07 kB

Date added: 2010-10-14

Rating: 9

Downloads: 16010

Views: 3267

Comments: 28

Ratings: 34

Times favored: 12

Made with: Algodoo v1.9.9b


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Second evolution of basketball robot

New robot with +inf inertia platforms, new solid claw, new code.
Now it can catch ball on the fly!

Automatic simulation speed control. It adjust sim.timeFactor to maintain 50hz laser freq.
It works fine on any slow PC!


Tab - switch auto/manual mode
Q - switch claw
A/Z - rotate claw

p.s. updated - better catching
Last edited at 2012/01/05 07:08:05 by Kilinich
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Epic win
Does it work on Phun? It looks bad-ass...
2Dezzeron: I don't think it's possible to make such robot in phun... too many laser probes.
Last edited at 2010/10/14 18:20:48 by Kilinich
Amazing Kilinich ! This robot is great and even looks like he is very concentrated in what he is doing :lol:
I never could dream in something like this man ! VERY GOOD JOB ! :tup: _o_ _o_
Last edited at 2010/10/14 19:03:43 by Gear97
make a whole game with robot teams competing of the ball
2MUTANTEN: Too script-intensive, not possible atm...
Nice, better than the last one. Good use of gradients too. See, we do not need a gradient fill tool! 8|
Very Very good job! I love the improvements you did on the claw! I reccomend making it so that when the claw "Grabs" the ball, the whole arm moves in the direction the ball was moving, so it's not a very Sudden stop (Kind of like how people usually catch in real life).

Nicely done, another 10/10 scene from you!
Holy mother of amazingness 10/10
Why don't you use normal ball? 9/10
2 mori-d: what you mean by "normal"? If you don't like textures I've try to show you how much it can improve view. If you taking about beacon - it's hard to catch ball without it... ;)
i really wish i had algodoo right now:mad:

10/10 for video
edit: nvm. Good scene! (as always:P)
Last edited at 2010/10/16 23:13:37 by JDKmedeng
Challenge to implement "remote sensing" instead of "beacon". :)
2mori-d: well, if you want to catch it fast - sensor inside ball is best way. Scene is too script-intensive, adding laser matrix with remote sensing will kill performance completely... :x
Last edited at 2010/10/17 08:29:40 by Kilinich
We can get multiple rays (spectrum) from a white laser by using prism.
Thus there is no need to use so much laser pointers for remote sensing, I think.
(Though, sensor within the ball is the best way for performance as you said. :) )
mori-d's attraction probe!(just use different collision groups)
UNBELIEVABLE 1000000/10 _o_
mori-d, RA2lover: you better try to make it :P 8|
Amazing ! I looked at the script in the .phn..... really a massive and brilliant ! Good job! I've tried to do a robot like this that simply respond to x,y input like app.mousepos... but never suceeded. I love this scene !
Крутяяяк:):):):coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
kilinich i can't believe how awesome you did it!
i can only wish i could do it
i love how it does a little dance when it scores!_o_ _o_ _o_
This is truly amazing. I bow down to you for this feat of awesomeness. _o_
WHOA!!! So cool! Out of 20 shots, it only missed 3 times! It's so accurate! 10/10! I couldn't even begin to think how you did this, Kilinich._o__o__o__o__o__o__o__o__o_

P.S: I'm a total noob at scripting:drool::P:bonk:)|(
99.99/100! Very accurate!