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6cyl Car

screenshot of the scene

Author: DarioX_Novakov

Group: Default

Filesize: 89.27 kB

Date added: 2020-02-25

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 5142

Views: 440

Comments: 2

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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[Up arrow] - Ignition
[Left/Right Arrows] - Starter (Left/Right for what direction you want the car to go, stop the engine and spin it in the direcion you want to go and start the engine again)
[Down Arrow] - Brake
[Insert (0 when numlock is off)] - Clutch
[End (1 when numlock is off)] - Toggle first and second gear (look at the red hinges to know what gear you are in, if the brake is activated on the smaller one, you are in second, if it's on the bigger one then you are in first)

Hope you like it
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this scene is very nice - it's usually pretty hard to make engines with good output especially this way. i can give you some tips though:

This engine in particular is doing around 320 HP peak, but it's bigger than most cars lol (6m long). There are lots of ways to be able to improve power even using lower frequency and making it real size:

first and foremost, always use boxes or circles (not polygons) where you need to withstand force. For example, on the pistons you can make a transparent box that is the one that collides, while the piston shaped polygon doesn't collide and is there just for visuals. Polygons have very bad collisions and are very laggy too.

Density is key for good collisions. You need to keep it very high (upwards of 50, up until around 500) to avoid clipping. If you do things real size they won't be too heavy. For example, you can make the pistons weigh around 5kg, and density should be around 500.

Spawning only one, much bigger ball (spanning the entire cylinder) is the best way to get high speed and power, just make it have high density and spawn it with a collision instead of a laser

Thise V shapes upon every chamber are good, but you should try to make them with two boxes, and make them protrude more from the top of the cylinder so that they collide well with the big spawned ball

last but not least, add a killer that only collides with the balls, and adjust its height until the balls get killed at the moment they have to be killed, and you're done
@The Linkage , Thank you so much for the tips! I've made more cars like this but this one is the only one i felt was good enough to warrant uploading, but with your tips i think i can make something much better.