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Programmable computer

screenshot of the scene

Author: Cotasam Nemano

Group: Default

Filesize: 156.26 kB

Date added: 2019-08-27

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1744

Views: 237

Comments: 18

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I would join the LiQuid Systems, so I'm going to post some of my creation on the account named "Little".
Last edited at 2019/09/15 05:21:40 by Cotasam Nemano
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Dude. I really want to lend a hand here. This thing is way over the average level in here...

When you say Algodoo doesn't let you use loops longer than 32, did you try using smaller loops (or simply one instruction) and repeat that every step until you're done? It's much slower, for example at 120 Hz (you're using 60, but you could use 120 Hz perfectly) you would get 120 code runs per second, which is pretty good. If you loop 8 times, you can get 120*8 = 960 runs per second, assuming your PC is fast enough to run 8 each step. if you pair that with PC graphics, you can make a very nice thing.

you might be able to integrate my 20x15 screen here, too. like Kutis96 did; use a pixel array on the back and a transparent box that uses text on the front to display text. i have a 30x20 screen too but it might be too resource-intensive.
Also another thing, with a decent amount of Thyme-fu you can make rather simple interconnects that use Scene.entityByGeomID to communicate with other objects, and thus be able to forgo's and not cause lag while you are not transmitting.
and yet another thing, you can use Keys.isDown("x") to know if the key is being pressed, and also you can get which key is being pressed if you use e.keycode in onKey, like this:

onKey = (e)=>{ _keyCode = e.keycode}

it will return a string like "w", "right", or whatever.

i tell you this because i saw your "text manager":lol:
I just rated it a 10, it looks cool! :lol:
Yeah, this is the first time I have done it, so be lots of incompletion, idea accepting. The Linkage, I discovered "Key.isdown(" ")" when i had uploaded this computer already, thanks anyway:)
well nice, but i still think "e.keycode" on onKey will be more useful to you, since your keyboard grabber would be made with a few lines of code
Hey! Maybe we could ally with eachother! My algodoo computer brand is good at typing and overall, documents and stuff, but not for running code. This one is great for running code, but not really for typing. Wanna ally?
Little, are you able to make it type uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers in one built and work smoothly still? Ken3344 said to me you couldn't do that, but now can you? (Seem like an interview which it is : )
Could anyone show me a good source to learn Thyme or I have to learn it myself? I am working on "Aeracpter-1" project a new method to run code more efficient without doing an if-statement every-"check for instruction". And Little if you got a good answer for me, I will give you my facebook's name for you to contact me soon. I think it would be a halt because I will be busy for months.
you pretty much have to learn yourself. I could lend you a hand if you could use Telegram.

You have to use if statements to check for instructions, i'm not sure how you would go around that. maybe using switch case but it doesn't exist on Thyme
The Linkage, I have Telegram. The non-if statements method is my secret, I could not show you now. My method is possible in thyme, I checked, it's 196% faster than using if-statement. I would like to ask you which side of the project you would like to help me: Thyme, design, code execution, user input, storing data? Anyway, you could help if you want, give me your name and phone numbers.
It's nearly impossible to get it to work that way. I know how to make it work, just that it will cause
Anyway, thank you, Little and Linkage for helping me. I would say that I love you:D. Please, chat with me on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or something. It's a little hard to chat on Algobox, and I'm afraid that the admin will remove this screen if you treat Algobox as a chat room (this have been mention in the rule).
All of my account is named "Cotasam Nemano".
I don't use any of those programs. I use discord, though. My username is -Sky-#8501
can't find you on Telegram - find me on +5491168228743
Cotasam Nemano -- What did you mean when you said, " I'm going to post some of my creation on the account named "Little". "

Is the account named "Little" your account too?
No, it's not. I just decide to post some of mine to Little, because i will cowork with him to create a new computer
It's not working anything.