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Angry Birds Marbles-Set for Marble-Races

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Author: Drachenbauer

Group: Marble & Athlons & BFDI & Camps

Filesize: 0.77 MB

Date added: 2019-06-23

Rating: 5

Downloads: 3321

Views: 707

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Ratings: 1

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Are the simple color-circle-marbles from most users too boring for you?

Now you can send the Angry Birds on a Marble-Race.
They are compatple for Marble-Race-Packs from the users MarbleRaced, PHUNGL and some others.

Marble-starter-rings included (thanks to MarbleRaced for this idea)

I made two flocks of Angry Birds:
The main-flock:
Red (red bird, leader)
Chuck (yellow bird)
The Blues (three blue birds) (Jay has the number 1, Jake has the number 2 and Jim has the number three)
Bomb (black bomb bird)
Mathilda (white bird)
Terence (big dark red bird)
Silver (grey falcon-bird)
Bubbles (orange bird)
Hal (green toucan-bird)
Stella (pink bird)

Stella´s flock
Stella (here too, but different look, leader)
Poppy (yellow parrot-bird)
Willow (blue bird with yellow-orange-striped hat)
Dahlia (brown owl-bird)
Luca (little light blue bird)

Stella is the only bird in both flocks, so i used two different sprites from her to match her look with the two different flocks.

Normally the Angry Birds have different sizes, but here i had to match their sizes with the size of the marbles to make their rolling look realistic.

To use them, open the cene with Algodoo, select a ring with all the birds inside and add them to your components (folder with red car).
If you have both set´s added this way, you can put them into the start-location of your marble-races easily.

added little numbers to the three blue birds to see, who is who:
-Jay has the number 1
-Jake has the number 2
-Jim has the number 3

Added colored name-signs for the birds directly in the scene.
Color of the name-sign = color of the bird with this name.

Made all birds a bit bouncyer

Made the starter-rings rotate a bit faster

Fixed size (found out, they had exactly half size of the ones from MarblesRaced, who has very cool marble race-stuff, and most other marble-race-builders)

Changed font of used texts (names of the birds, little numbers at The Blues) to "courier new" bold (my favorite font)

The circles of the marbles are now in the collision-groups a-e (five of ten groups)

Made the squares with the bird-pictures don´t collide with water any more

Angry Birds by Rovio
Bird-Sprites found on the Fandom Angry Birds Wiki
Starter-rings inspired by MarbleRaced

@ all people, who downloaded this at the beginning of July:
I resized the marbles to fit with the marble-race-parts of most users.
Please download it again to get the right size.
Last edited at 2019/07/25 22:09:20 by Drachenbauer
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