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M152E4 152mm Anti-Tank gun

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Author: Eucas22

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Date added: 2017-05-18

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This is the M152E4 152mm Anti-Tank gun that will soon be put into service on the M1U4 Gates MBT
and im planning on fully fleshing out all of the ammo types on here.

Here is what it can fire:

Basic Kenetic Penetrator Rounds:
Solid Shot AP
APCBC (Armor-Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped Shell)

High-Velocity Kenetic Penetrator Rounds:
Fin-Stabilized discarding SABOT
RAAP (Rocket-Assisted Armor Piercing) (Can carry a variety of warheads for multiple uses, currently just AP)
ATGM (APCBC) (an ATGM designed to punch through armor and detonate inside the tank) (WIP)

Chemical Energy Penetrator Rounds:
ATGM (HEAT) (an ATGM designed to use a HEAT warhead to punch through armor.) (WIP)

ATGMS are controlled with the I-K keys for directional steering.

The ATGM (APHE) Round is about as fast as the conventional AP rounds, so be wary of where you steer it as it is fast.
while the ATGM (HEAT) is much slower.

The RAAP has a lot of drop and goes faster than all the other shells, and is intended for long-range engagements for maximum penetration power, so aim the gun high.

there is a building to test out the rounds on so enjoy that:)

The APHE still uses the same script as the other APHE rounds do.
Last edited at 2017/05/18 21:54:44 by Eucas22
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