User Stories

Featured Story – Emil, creator of Algodoo

When I created Algodoo I set out to make a simple and fun tool for creative people of all ages. What I didn’t realize was exactly how creative people really were! The things people are making in Algodoo is simply amazing – games, machines, art – you name it, it’s there! Our users are everything from pre-schoolers to retired engineers – Algodoo is for everyone. And now, for the first time, you can use Algodoo on your iPad, making the creative experience more tactile and immediate than ever before!



We use Algodoo in many different ways in our school. The main experience so far is that just showing our students the software makes them curious. They learn how to control the tools so quickly and start exploring by them selves in minutes. Algodoo has also proven to be a perfect aid for our girls to show off their knowledge.

Magnus Johansson
Teacher Mathematics/Science

Hi! My name is Martin. I am 9 years old. Me and my classmates love to play with Algodoo. I try different things and learn how to make new things all the time. Almost every night I am experimenting with it. I can build cars that runs. Once I also created a boat that sank like Titanic.
Last monday when all teachers at high-school was learning more about using Algodoo, I was there helping them out. It was fun! They thought it was difficult to learn but I didn’t think it was hard at all!


Actually, I am not a user, but my seven-year-old daughter and four year-old son are. They play Algodoo almost everyday. They asked me if I know about PHUN, but I have never heard of PHUN before. I googled PHUN and found it’s a freeware. That was how it’s started.
It didn’t take long for them to master how to play with it. My daughter has tried things she watched on YouTube all by herself, and my son, he was three at that time, has learned how to use it by watching her. They loved liquid feature so much, but using too much liquid often made the Mac slow. That was the major reason I purchased Algodoo for them since I heard Algodoo’s simulation engine is better in performance.
My decision was right because not only Algodoo works very smooth, but also the user interface is far better than PHUN. It’s very clean, simplified, and easy to use. Unfortunately I had to turn the parental control of Mac OS X to limit the play time because they play almost non-stop, but that means it’s that fun.

They have been playing with PHUN & Algodoo more than a year almost everyday. I can tell they have become more creative and innovative by playing with Algodoo. Thank you for creating such a wonderful application.

Thanks again,
Tateo Nagai

It’s so simple to use. You can make anything, and I mean anything, and make it do whatever you want it to. The possibilities of this program are absolutely endless, especially when i see some of the scenes other people have created using Algodoo.
For the more complex scenes, you have to go a little scripting, and you can make them as complicated as you want. You can build anything from cars and buildings to animals and birds, each with their own moving parts. There is so much you can do with this marvelous program. I use it to see what can be done with it, and to look at other’s projects as well.
It is simply brilliant!!!

Thank you,
Paul Mountney

I am with University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s Watson School of Education and we just purchased the newest series of SMARTBoard (885) and we would love to product highlight Algodoo for our future teachers. We have hundreds of future teachers, teachers, superintendents, and beyond who come through our building every semester. We would like to play a role in being advocates for this product.

Salena Rabidoux
Lecturer/Technology Liaison