Cortex Command, it's what stole my heart away forever.

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Cortex Command, it's what stole my heart away forever.

Postby StephenAlverez » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:19 am

I've probably been long forgotten, but I check this forum every once in a while. It's probably been a year or two since I left. Where have I been? I have been here. In many ways it's like Algodoo, used to be free, physics based, all that good stuff... But the similarities end there. Just by looking at the gif, you can tell that it is a sh'mup. Not just any sh'mup, but the most strategic and physics based sh'mup in the history of sh'mups. It is also in my view the polar opposite of this game. Particle based, and has problems with MOSRotating things, lua instead of trusty old overly simple thyme, based around mods, whereas this can't be modded, small user based fan powered forums, where the creator is just as powerful as the average joe. Actually, the entire forum is a polar opposite, and not in a bad way. I had to learn algodoodling by strict criticism and without the help of a tiny community, which is reasonable since you can't really learn it any other way. There we have the paradigms and the conundrumers that come complimentary with every forum. We also learn how to manipulate the engine differently, so where the few who have been in the game since the first few builds, and can be teaching someone like me and can be taught by someone with the skill that I have, which is near to none. People who have new ideas are as well complimented if they're a new guy as if they were an old guy. Where as here, we scare off some of the best visionaries, just because they are new. Do I like this forum more? I don't know, since I still use Algodoo on special occasions when I plan out special things that I do in real life. But 2d physics programs aren't the most phun things, and sometimes I want to just blow the brains out of the heads of the guy who just blew the brains from the guy I just played as.
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