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Greetings and Questions

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:56 pm
by jeglin
Hello All, I came upon Algodoo a while ago (this year) and am interested in using it to teach some Mechatronics. I've been through the basic tutorials and have found useful technical instructions on some mechanisms. I also discovered Algobox for finding user-submitted files that I can reverse engineer. But it can be frustrating searching for exactly what I'm looking for, and also figuring out to reverse engineer when I don't understand everything. So I could use some advice.

As a specific example, I'm trying to make a pair of "scissors." They don't have to LOOK like scissors – all I need is a couple of bars with a hinge. I haven't been able to make it quite work the say I want, so I found this example by searching on Algobox. This phz file contains a pair of scissors, and the 2 blades seem to have a hinge, but I can find no actual hinge in the design. Where is the hinge and how does it work?

If I wanted to "operate" the scissors, how would I do it? AFAICT, the only animation possible is to turn on gravity, which makes the scissors fall to the ground, or use the force (finger) tool to move the scissors around as a whole. How would I suspend them in mid-air and make them "cut" like a pair of scissors would?

I have many more questions – Algodoo seems to be very powerful, but unless there are hidden tricks, it seems like some very simple manipulations are missing or extremely obscure. I've designed some rather complication mechanisms so far but seem to be missing the 10% that would allow me to create amazing simulations. Thanks for any help!

Re: Greetings and Questions

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:47 am
by FRA32
The hinge in the scene you linked was present at the intersection, but it's color was made 100% transparent, thus appearing invisible. The scissors in that scene also cant really cut stuff, the uploader of that only simulated that by using a chain of rectangles to resemble paper.