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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:24 am
by AGPhoenix888
Hi, my name is AGPhoenix888. (Algodoo Phoenix888)
I am a banned user, and I have come to say sorry to Xray. Him.
Xray, I am really sorry for disobeying your orders.
I never meant to do that. That happened when I was just a young kid.
I saw this sandbox game, and downloaded it, ready to have fun.
I had so much fun making scenes, anything that came to my interest as a young fellow.
Until one interest that crashed into my game, brought me to my downfall.
That interest...was called Maps.
Till then, I was a great fan of maps, as they depicted the world and countries around us.
I thought "Lets make some scenes of maps and post them" and I did.
But Xray, you kept telling me to stop. But as the kid I was, I didn't understand. I felt that we could do whatever we want in Algodoo, at our interest, as long it wasnt inappropiate or breaking the rules.
But this brought me to my downfall.
Xray, I am so sorry. If you are reading this, please forgive me and unban me. I want to meet the rest of the Algodooians in this game. This enjoyable sandbox game that was formed a part of my childhood.
Here are my accounts I used to have.
PleasehelpmeXray (this was the account I used to have to attempt to get help from xray to be unbanned)
Xray, please help me deactivate all these accounts. I want to start afresh, anew, and I want to create scenes for everyone to see.
Thank you for reading this,
Have a happy halloween and a awesome day. :D ;)