Algodoo in ArchLinux! Asking permission to distribute

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Algodoo in ArchLinux! Asking permission to distribute

Postby MtMercer » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:55 pm

What is happening?

I've managed to run Algodoo in Arch Linux using Wine, and I made a AUR package for it. This means that
anyone in Arch Linux community will be able to install Algodoo.

My Question

I have only one question regarding the distribution of Algoryx Software, since the license states that:

Algodoo may not be reproduced or distributed in any form outside the specific control of Algoryx,
without prior written permission by Algoryx.

I need the prior written permission by Algoryx to distribute it to the AUR packages.

But how it will be distributed?

    1. The PKGBUILD will be distributed at my repository on Github:
    2. User do the command, for example "trizen algodoo"
    3. The PKGBUILD is downloaded from my repository, then the binary is downloaded directly from the algodoo site, my repository doesn't distribute the binary, but a 'reference' to it.
    4. Algodoo is installed.
    5. User opens algodoo from desktop icons or using the command "algodoo". Profit :P

I simply love Algodoo, that's why I expent hour figuring out how it would be installed in a Linux system.

Thank you for reading, I'm waiting for a response!

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