Ban Appeal Request

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Ban Appeal Request

Postby AMROfficalLime » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:34 pm

So, I just got banned earlier in the day from Algobox for being rude and misbehaved at 'the technical group', and the ban was 20 years long (which is practically permanent). At first, I didn't thought it was such a big deal doing so, but now I understand that the sort of behavior is very hurtful and is strictly forbidden in Algobox. If my appeal is successful, I'm going to strictly follow the Terms of Service, and will never cause such behavior AGAIN. Of course, I don't think instant unban would be likely, but I'm just here to ask for a shortening of the ban, at least to a period of time not practically permanent (not over 6 weeks). This is not the first time I got banned, but it's the first time for this kind of reason. I hope Algoryx could consider about this appeal request, and give me a second chance of performing better in Algobox.
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