Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

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Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby Joel » Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:12 pm

A new version of Algodoo has been released!

The new version includes alot of improvements to the interface. Among other things a new type of interface called expandables to replace the old mode interface. This allows you to customize what options should be shown and hidden. With more skins, improved interaction and several bug fixes, we hope that you will enjoy the new version.

A big thank you to those who helped beta test for 1.8.5.

Go to the download page here and get the latest version!

Full 1.8.0->1.8.5 changelog

=== Algodoo 1.8.5, 2010-12-10 ===
* IMP: Window fading out time now depends on GUI.Skin.fadeTime.
* FIX: Algodoo does not crash when shake-disbanding the chain tool.
* NEW: Russian translation added.

=== Algodoo 1.8.4, 2010-12-01 ===
* NEW: Buttons for removing a bound button or geom controller.
* NEW: "Expand UI" button for expanding all expandables.
* IMP: More precision in slider values.
* FIX: Bug concerning "lucky aiming" of sliders, i.e. hitting a nice round value.
* FIX: Rare bug that would cause a slider to show another value than it was set to.

=== Algodoo 1.8.3, 2010-11-26 ===
* IMP: With force visualization on, forces are now caluclated even when simulation is paused.
* IMP: Added maximum force arrow size.
* FIX: force/velocity settings now show up in options whenever an object has visualization on.
* FIX: Enabled auto-position of texture on planes.
* FIX: Attraction is now applied based on the center of geometries instead of composite bodies. The behaviour is kept for older scenes.
* FIX: Solved problem with button selectors (i.e. mirror, motor, ...).
* IMP: Major changes to expandables: better looking, with mouse-over cursor change and with a small button to toggle between default size and full size. Also, the expand-bar never moves to left/top anymore.
* NEW: Buttons for finding scene folder and saved plot files in OS.
* FIX: May have fixed the huge "Algodoo sometimes takes very long time to switch language/skin/scale" bug.
* FIX: Tool options button will no longer fade out underlying windows.
* NEW: Brush tool multidraw erase now erases selected first (if any).

=== Algodoo 1.8.2, 2010-11-04 ===
* Replaced old system of simple/medium/advanced mode with "expandables".
* Improved menus.
* Improved tutorials.
* Better access to tool options.
* Replaced some text in the menu bar with icons.
* Nicer looking plot window.
* Changed to always show update messages if the user clicked check for update manually.
* When being informed of a new version, a button "Don't remind me again" will be shown.
* Added suggestion to upgrade graphics drivers if frame rate is too low.
* Partially covered windows now fade out.
* Middle-clicking or double-clicking the panner/zoomer drag-buttons now resets the pan/zoom.
* Varius improvments for use on touch screens, including press-and-hold tooltips.
* Somewhat improved undo/redo.
* Changed behavior:
** Click an object on the move to freeze its velocity.
** Brush tool now also erases water.
** Click-holding a button will now ALWAYS click in on release, and NEVER before.
* Improved air friction calculation to use the true diameter of an object rather than a quick estimate (switch using Sim.airFrictionVersion).
* Fixed a CSG bug.
* Fixed scale center for lasers and tracers.
* Fixed bug with drawing a chain whith snap-to-grid.
* Fixed a bug where a laser would sometimes loose too much intensity when entering water.
* Fixed air switch not switching of air friction/buoyancy for water.
* Fixed size of fallback fonts with GUI.scale!=1 (Big Buttons).
* Fixed cloning moving objects (clone preview is now kept still).
* Fixed copy-pasting of planes.
* Added new skins.
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Re: Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby tatt61880 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:47 pm

To Algoryx members,
Thank you very much for releasing Algodoo v1.8.5!

To forum members,
Thank you very much for posting great suggestions and bug-reports!
NOTE: I'm not an Algoryx member.
Hi, Algodoo lovers. Have you read next topic? Featured scenes suggestions
To translators: English.cfg changelog will be useful (even for me).
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Re: Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby Kilinich » Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:03 pm

Shouldn't you fix memory leak before release since it have been reported many times? )-)
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Re: Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby Dadasas » Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:26 am

Can you please compile for 64-bit Linux?
I've had to play on 1.7.1 for a while, and it's no fun. Note: The 32 bit version wont run, It won't recognize one lib.
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Re: Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby Joel » Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:09 pm

There is a 64-bit Linux one up now. Enjoy!
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Re: Algodoo 1.8.5 Released!

Postby Kilinich » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:02 pm

Joel wrote:There is a 64-bit Linux one up now. Enjoy!

Did you test it's performance? Is it faster than 32bit? How about windows x64 version?
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